Small Lips? No Problem

By Ashley Santoyo

For Suga Cosmetics

Every time I see a lip video, it’s someone whose lips actually exist. The lip color looks so good on them. It looks effortless. I can see why so many people are getting lip filers. But when I go to try it, it doesn’t look the same as the video. As someone with small lips, I used to be very insecure about how terrible my lips looked in any kind  of lipstick. They looked like painted, straight lines.


My solution was to use the lipstick to overline my lips and try to make them look bigger. I thought it looked good, but now that I look at pictures, I’m glad I found a better strategy. 


Lip liner is now my lips’ best friend. Here’s how I achieve bigger, fuller lips look without the lip filler. Also, don’t try the shot glass Kylie Jenner-lips trick. It will not end well. (I speak from experience).


  1. Foundation

- Take a small amount of your foundation (or concealer) and use it to conceal the natural outline of your lips, which will make the end result look much more natural.

  1. Lip Liner

- Take the lip liner of your choice and begin to outline just above your lip’s natural shape. Try not to go too far above your natural lip line, it will be way more noticeable and unbelievable. 

  1. Liquid Lipstick

- Use your chosen liquid lipstick (that is similar in color to your lip liner), and use it to fill in the area of your lips that has been outlined by the lip liner. You can use your fingers to make sure the two products are blended together. You can also take the lip liner and run it over the dried liquid lipstick, as another tip to make sure the two products are blended together. 

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