Trying to get rid of eye-bags? We got you!


Eye-bags are the most difficult to depuff and firm up, they can be cause by
genetics or lack of sleep and nutrients. It’s important to start with the root of the
problem before working on any outer fixes.  before spending hundreds of $$$ on
eye-creams that promise amazing results overnight analyze why you believe your
eye-bags are worsening and deal with that while trying the remedy we suggest
you try.  This remedy is not only used for the eye-bags, but they are also amazing
to refresh and firm the face in the mornings.


  When it comes to green tea there are so many internal and outer benefits to
them, the anti-inflammatory property in the green tea help depuff and firm the
eye-bags. The caffeine constricts the blood vessels within this sensitive tissue.
This aids in reducing puffiness and inflammation. 


When eyes become dry, cucumbers can offer a hydrating effect, reducing dryness

and redness.  This helps rejuvenate and refresh the under eye-bags. 



  1. Boil your green tea leaves in a pot with 2 cups of water for 15-20 min 
  2. While the green tea is boiling, chop up one cucumber into little pieces  
  3. Place the green tea water UNSTRAINED in a blender along with the cucumbers  
  4. Once it's all blended, place the substance on an ice cube tray and leave it over night to use on the under eye-bags and face the next morning  




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